"Practice without performance is time spent alone. Performance without practice is a waste of time. Practice every day. Perform every week. (Mark Johnstone - Guitar)"


There are lots of information on the internet explaining MIDI and its use.  We encourage anyone looking to advance their knowing of MIDI to do their due diligence and research the subject.  These video tutorials below will explain how MIDI can help you play better now.

What Is MIDI Part 1

What Is MIDI Part 3

How To Get Started

What Is MIDI Part 2

Learn With MIDI

Let's Play Better Now

  Virtual MIDI Keyboards  

Download the MIDI Piano by Softonic here

Download the MIDIculous 4 FREE Player here

To take full advantage of our MIDI Files you will need a virtual MIDI keyboard player to play our MIDI files.  A sequencer with piano keys would help also.  There are several for purchase online.  There’s also Free virtual MIDI keyboard players available that works just as good as the retail players.  MIDI Piano by Softonic can get you stated on your lessons right away.  Click here  For the MIDIculous 4 FREE Player, click here.  Then just open the MIDI file in your MIDI player and watch & Learn.

Stems Are For The Free WorshipSong Band App

Or any DAW






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