What are Multitrack Stem Files?


A Stem file is an open-source, multi-channel audio file format that contains a track (song) split into multiple musical elements – piano, bass, drums, horns, and strings for example.   As an open multi-track audio format, Stems can make rehearsals more efficient and enhance an event by filling out the music for singers, musicians, and live performers.  Our Multitrack Stem Files are created to sound just like the original recording and include a backing track and lyrics in a Zip file format.  They're ready to use with the FREE WorshipSong Band App or in any DAW.  Think of the WorshipSong Band App as a CD/Mp3 player and our Stem files as the music to play in the App with control over the tempo, key and each instrument.  They’re affordable for any church or ministry’s budget.  Click here to download the FREE WorshipSong Band App.  

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HD Quality (VST Instruments)

Our Stem files are recorded with 64 bit HD virtual Instruments to give you the best possible experience in hearing how the song will sound.  Each instrument was meticulously sampled using the finest studio sampling technology and microphones recorded in thousands of velocity layers.  As you play the files, you will experience a full band accompaniment that will immerse you within the band and enhance your rehearsal and/or live performance.

Download The FREE WorshipSong Band App here.

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      John was a musician without a full band
      Jane was a Praise & Worship leader with a delema
Jakes with Alter vs1 Stem
Pres. Obama with Talk vs2 Stem
            Holy Spirit Stem File

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If you're looking to have the flexibility to go to different parts of the song whenever you want, you can do that.  If you’re looking to be able to display lyrics on a screen, you can do that as well.  If you've got a band but you don't have every musician you need there every Sunday, just unmute the parts you need and you're ready to go.


Many larger churches have benefited from using Stems or tracks to fill out their live sound for years and our desire is to help make this available and easy to use no matter what size your church may be.  We understand that mid-size to small churches have similar needs with fewer resources and volunteers.

The WorshipSong Band App is designed to provide an innovative, flexible solution for worship leaders everywhere.  Rehearsals are now more productive and efficient.  It is a free, easy to use  software application for IPad, Android, Mac, and Windows, and that provides ground-breaking capabilities.


Here at iMusic Lessons Depot, we provide multitrack stem files to work with the Free App called WorshipSong Band.  WorshipSong Band is available for all platforms.  Desktop, Laptop, Android or Apple.

If you are in a church with only a few musicians right now, Multitrack Stem Files can be the band that you have been waiting for to enhance your live sound in situations where Bass, Drums, Horns, Guitars or Strings may be needed.


This gives musicians and worship leaders the flexibility to dial in just the right mix for their live band sound, or fill in the gaps within your current band.  Stem Files can provide a complete ​virtual band sound for any setting.  Download The FREE WorshipSong Band App here.


Click here for our Multitrack Stem Files and check out our Sunday Morning Page for Talk Stems, Offering Stems and more.

Note:  iMusic Lessons Depot is independently owned and operated and is in no way associated or sponsored by WorshipSong Band or its affiliates.