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Our Mission

Now you can advance your skills in the comfort of your own home, and enhance your live sound.

"Amateur musicians practice until they get it right. Serious musicians practice until they can't get it wrong. (Christopher Phillips)"


Our lessons here at iMusic Lessons Depot are MIDI based Lessons.  The letters are an abbreviation for "Musical Instrument Digital Interface" and it’s pronounced “Middy”, not “my-die.”  Using MIDI files, you’ll be able to see the notes that are being played in a professionally recorded song through your computer.  You’ll also be able to see the song play in any key of your choice.  You can slow down the tempo of the song or step through the song one note or chord at a time.  That’s the beauty of learning with MIDI.  You get to see everything without having ask anyone to show you something. We're now offering Multitrack Stem Files.  Our Stem files will give you the professional virtual back-up band you've always wanted.  Click here for more info.

MIDI Files

Each lesson comes with a MIDI file.  MIDI in its physical form, it's a type of electronic circuit built-in to keyboards, synthesizers, samplers and so on.  MIDI is a way of sending music performance information from one place to another.  The performance information that is being sent has two messages, Note-on and note-off.  There is NO information about the actual sound.  When you listen to a CD, you will hear the sounds being played but you will have no idea what the players’ fingers are actually doing.  MIDI would contain some precise details about what the performers fingers did, and when.  That’s why MIDI is NOT audio.   For more information on MIDI and how to use MIDI files, visit our MIDI page here.

Stem Files

A Stem file is an open, multi-channel audio file that contains a music track split into multiple musical elements – bass, drums, piano, and strings for example. With each Stem available independently, you can play only the instruments you need to add to your live performance or play them all.  The Stem files provides the ability to freely interact with the tracks and have a full band at your fingertips.  With up to 14 premium (note-for-note) tracks based on the the original recording that can be controlled independently to enhance your band’s sound.  Our Stem files will play like normal audio tracks in the FREE WorshipSong Band App or any Stem File player or DAW.  This means you will hear the full track, but now have control over the individual Stem parts (instruments).  Lyrics and Backing Tracks are also included within the Zip file.  They are affordable for any church or ministry’s budget & works with Android, Apple & Windows devices.

Sheet Music

If you read music, each lesson will include Sheet Music in PDF format.  You can print it out for studying or playing.  This is perfect for music readers who want to take their lessons on the go.  You can use the sheet music to enhance your reading as well.

HD Quality (VST Instruments)

Our lessons also include either an Audio Mp3 or Video AVI file & our Stem files include backing tracks w/lyrics that were both recorded with 64 bit HD Virtual Instruments to give you the best possible experience in hearing how the song should sound.  As you learn the song(s), use the files and play along with the recording for optimum experience while gauging your progress.  Your skills should increase rapidly.  Our Multi-Track Stem files will give you that full band sound,

note-for-note just like the original recording.


We understand that you want to be the best that you can be.  We’re here to help by keeping the lessons coming.  So don’t forget to stop back by as we will be adding additional lessons and Multi-Track Stem Files periodically.


If you are a Musician, Music director or Group Leader, iMusic Lessons Depot is where you can take your sound to the next level.  If you want to sound better now, this is where you can make your practice or rehearsal time more productive, reduce your learning curve dramatically and fill out your live performance sound with our Multi-Track Stem Files.

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